What is a Catholic funeral? Things youth are forgetting these days


Catholics view death not as an ending but as a change. The physical body dies but the spiritual body has eternal life with God because of their own actions.

The best Catholic funeral services in Singapore are important for the well-being of the deceased one and for showing gratefulness to God. Nowadays their culture and organizing funeral services that are not according to their spiritual ancient Bible teaching. Here are some problematic issues and attitudes that are found in funerals.


Confusion over the purpose of the funeral


Many people and their basic presumption are that it is only about the deceased one. There are a number of inappropriate requests like the favourite song of the individual, their favourite sport or a team. Doing things according to that liking is appropriate, like playing some rock music and watching a football match. Well, the real purpose is not to celebrate the sacred liturgy. The important purpose of funerals is by worshipping God’s proclamation of gospel and inviting the mass to pray for the soul of deceased ones when they face judgment from God. The sacred liturgy is to glorify and praise the lord, not a man. A man needs prayer more than praise in the afterlife. If someone wants to speak about them they should speak before the funeral mass but after the mass begins it should be all about the mass.


They are not in heaven as they died

Many families presume that when their loved ones die they are in heaven. But you need to understand that Jesus said that everybody has to pay for their sins and be rewarded for their virtues on the day of judgment. In this thinking, they often forget about doing full and right funeral services. It is a solemn gazing to find a closer in comfort for the family and friends of deceased ones. The funeral masses and other rituals are commended pre-guard for their kindness to the deceased one on the day of judgment.



The funeral services are an important ritual for a Catholic to glorify the kindness in the grace of Jesus and provide a safer afterlife journey to your loved one. It is the last thing that is expected from their earthly relations.