Essay Writing Explained

Writing an essay can take some people fifteen minutes. Others may require days or weeks. The level of the writer’s skill and their ability to express the ideas that they wish to share with their reader using proper grammar and punctuation are determining factors in the time spent putting an essay together. Often writers will release short books filled with their essays. These authors, known popularly as “essayists” specialize in the composing of compelling written works that are infused with their selves and their ideas. Though not as popular in today’s writing market, books of essays by persons with something to say continue to fill the shelves of bookstores, inviting the reader to glimpse into another person’s mind.

Essay writing can be as simple as a short treatise on the preservation of a neighborhood green-space that is circulated to drum up support for the cause. It can be as pay for essay reddit complex as the candid comments of a retired political leader about their role in a now overthrown corrupt government. Unlike articles, written by a third party and basing themselves on the facts of the matters, essays give the reader insights that can only come from the author’s personal perspective.

Essay writing can be a rewarding exercise in the writer’s craft. Though essays seldom find publication outside of those rare books of collected essays, they do find a place in some magazines and literary publications. And no grade-schooler will ever be able to pass their grammar and composition courses without enduring, and perhaps enjoying, the art of essay writing.